Drying bentonite in a rotary kiln, Black Hills BentoniteUpon arrival at the processing plants, the bentonite is placed into designated stockpiles and carried into the plant with front-end loaders. The bentonite is then dried in a long cylinder called a rotary dryer where approximately 10 to 15% of the moisture is removed. Natural gas or coal are used primarily as fuels for drying. The finished product has moisture content of 7 to 10%.

Once delivered from the rotary dryer, the bentonite is processed into either a fine powder or granulated into a small particle or flake. Packaging of the product is the last process to be undertaken.

Bentonite is used as a clumping agent in "scoopable" cat litter.
Granular bentonite is a major constituent of "scoopable" cat litter.

Bentonite can be packaged in 50 lb., 100 lb. or up to 4,000 lb. super sacks. After the packaging process takes place, the bentonite is shipped either by truck or rail to the consumer. Another form of packaging is to ship direct in bulk pneumatic trucks or rail cars to the consumer.